Saturday, April 6, 2013

Pool Holograph - ST (2013)

I have always been intrigued by the DC music scene. I find the city to be the epicenter of national bullshit, and yet the community finds a way to overcome the shoulder-high levels of sleaze brought in from across the country by some politician’s war chest.

Pool Holography make nice pop gems for cloudy days. DC has plenty of those, so this thing would be on constant rotation if you lived there. It needs little in the way of introduction: this 4 track cassette jumps right into the deep end, but quickly surfaces to breath in deep. Incognito is my favorite track, with its hushed, melancholy lyrics slowly chased by a well constructed guitar line that flies just above it all. The band's vocal delivery is rooted in the depressing city that is a politician's play-land, but the instrumentation takes the listener above the fray.

Get it here:
Pool Holograph - ST (2013)

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