Friday, April 5, 2013

Coyote Indigo - Horning (2013)

I watched DiG! again the other day, and was reminded why I loved the documentary so much. The Dandy Warhols have faded into obscurity and the Brian Jonestown Massacre have cooled their fiery personal personas, but the film does leave a lingering in mind: what if the whole garage rock/psychedelia revival of the early 2000s had happened 5 years earlier under BJM’s leadership? Things would have been a lot more “out there” than it was with the White Stripes and the Strokes.

Coyote Indigo may have even found a fanbase outside the confines of Bandcamp. This Brazilian band reaches deep into the psychedelic lexicon and pulls out some of the genre's most enduring themes: Existential lyrics and guitar licks and a disregard for all that is safe. Not sure what state of mind this guy was in when he put these songs to tape, but it wasn’t with two feet firmly on the ground. Bust out the Absinthe and play “Bloom and Blow” while your stomach and mind slowly churn.

Get it here:
Coyote Indigo - Horning (2013)

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