Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Orwells - Remember When (2013)

I grew up in a small desert town, and we didn’t have a mall. The closest thing that comes to mind was a half abandoned strip mall that featured a discount goods store and beauty salon. Watching Kevin Smith’s Mallrats was my only window into the slaker, Mall-lurking culture that apparently was rather popular throughout the US.

But youthful rebellion and disregard for society’s norms? That I could always get behind. Mix that with a healthy dose of hook heavy lo-fi garage rock, and you have a recipe for success... or at least a recipe for fun.

The Orwells are from somewhere in Illinois, and just based on the picture of the band present on the cassette released by Burger Records, I would say these kids are pretty young. They write lots of great songs about pissing off your elders, getting suspended, and just fucking around. The first single from the record, “Mallrats (La La La)” is one of the catchier tracks I have heard in awhile. They almost make me miss high school.

Download "Mallrats (La La La)" here.
Buy the tape here: The Orwells - Remember When (2013)

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