Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Chris Weisman - Bentonia (2012)

Chris Weisman has been consistently putting out records, tapes, and CDs for some time now, and has developed a small cult following from his home in Brattleboro, Vermont. Mixing lush melodies with fits of spastic chaos and sonic experimentation, Weisman’s output has veered between accessibility and the fringe, making him one of my favorite bedroom pop-stars in action today. He has played in groups like Happy Birthday (with King Tuff), and his brother is also a prolific songwriter, earning these brothers the “Wilson Family of Brattleboro” tag.

Weisman’s recent cassette, Bentonia, was released by the always stellar Spooky Town Records out of Vermont. It is packed full of caustic, lo-fi symphonies (18 to be exact), that demonstrate just what can be done with a 4-track and a hefty dose of creativity. Tracks like Os Tonokos Token and Sunshine Blue II have been lodged in my head for days, bubbling up as I stand in the shower and grade papers. Chris clearly learned from the psychedelic pop pioneers of the 1960s, effortlessly crafting songs that are approachable and yet complex and intricate. This is highly recommended stuff for anyone who likes well crafted pop music.

Get it here:
Chris Weisman - Bentonia (2012)  

(Sunshine Blue II)

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  1. yeah, there's something of Bryan Wilson, and the song on the website is very strange.