Sunday, September 16, 2012

Truma Harness - The Way You Press On Harder... (2012)

A second tape has been sent to me by the friendly Ohioans that makes music under the name of Trauma Harness. I posted their previous cassette, Trauma Demolitional, shy of a year ago in case you missed it. The band is still a lo-fi menace that isn't afraid to deploy all manner of warping effects and distorted sounds in the quest to make exciting post-punk. It's got gloomy, touched-by-goths mood, but at the same time I think it is really easy to get worked up while strutting about with my busted up tape player hissing their songs. Although I am far from backing away from my recommendation of Trauma Demolitional, I must say this album is a dramatically superior release that goes to show Trauma Harness is only improving. Appears the cassette can be gotten at Dingle Records for $4 but the digital is name your own price.

To be had here:
Truma Harness - The Way You Press On Harder...

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