Monday, September 17, 2012

Car Seat Headrest - Monomania (2012)

A new album from one of my favorite bands to ever submit music to this ramshackle of a blog. Although he didn't send me an email about this one... whatever my feeling aren't hurt, my fault for being an absentee blogger. Whining aside, this guy is just too good not to talk up no matter how I can across it this time. The lo-fi sound that made Twin Fantasy so incredibly amazing is maintained wonderfully in Monomania, even the Julian Casablancas-style of vocal distortion (which I love for no reason beyond a warm feeling in my gut). Some tracks were instantly stuck in my head like "Overexposed (Enjoy)," "Maud Gone" and "Souls." This fella isn't skimping on the tunes either, he's letting us soak in tracks up to 14 minutes long. Epic lo-fi indie rock is something I'm down with. This isn't a free album, excepting of course the streaming that one may partake in via bandcamp, but its only a finely-priced $4.

To be had here:
Car Seat Headrest - Monomania


  1. Don't feel left out, I really didn't email any blogs for this release. Publicity is hard! Thank you for this amazing write up!

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