Thursday, September 13, 2012

EP Grab Bag vol. 24

I really do need to pick up the pace on this shit and as usual I'd like to say I think it could happen soon as I have been cleared of the false charges with the telecommunications company and therefore can get internet as soon as I've got the money, which I unfortunately for the blog spent on a recent vacation. Oh well, snail-paced or rabbit-quick posting doesn't seem to stop the flow of EPs.

To be had here:

Here's an offering of post-rock from Brazil. It is fairly quick and exciting stuff, but it did the wonderful post-rock trick of setting me blissful adrift for moments. The track "Sonhando" has a particularly endearing tune, with a great drum intro and all manner of interludes. "Queda Livre" and "Nós Contra o Mundo" get more fantastical yet with some psychedelic rock fused into them. A fine EP that I must've listened to 4 times over while reading books this week.

In case you forgot, I fucking love garage rock. If I could live on garage rock, tamales, coffee and beer I would have already. It's a lovely day when a garage rock EP comes in, so naturally PLant Parenthood was a welcome sight. Roughly done and simple for sure. The singing is a bit high pitch yet it sounds like a live recording from a basement because of it, which has a certain charm. "Jungle Cat" is a pretty solid anthem and makes me think I could stand to hear a full album from these kids.

A returning stalwart, Preludes has yet another EP to grace us with. This band is classy, remarkably so to a fella that wakes up and listens to "Your Ass (My Face)" by the Mummies a few times a week. They've got strings that are played with bows, you know, all fancy-like. I'm really not trying to be patronizing because the songs on Preludes EPs are often exceedingly more beautiful than any thing else I post in any given month.

A four track 7" released by Obscure Me Records out in Connecticut. Specifically from New Milford, as if I knew wherever the fuck that is, the Fins are a noise-punk band that in huge contrast to the just mentioned Preludes are not about classiness so much as fuzzy energy and hollering. Jitters-inducing exciting of an unrefined sort, as if jitters can be induced in any other way, right?

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