Sunday, August 5, 2012

Spiral - Mind Trip in A Minor (2012)

This is the second time appearing on Spacerockmountain for this New Mexican psychedelic/progressive rock band, Spiral. Like the previous albums, The Traveler and The Capital in Ruins, this release is a highly cinematic and epic effort, sometimes reaching close to macabre (just look at that creepy album art). Heavily effected vocals, building instrumentation and shifting melodies make it hard to not pay attention while it's playing. Does as fine a job as the other stuff they've sent into me for all the same reasons, so I do recommend it to any and all that enjoyed their other work or other albums I've tagged at progressive. They're only selling it on their bandcamp page without streaming but gave me permission to share it via another file service for readers, so take advantage of that and throw them the $3 if wanna help them out.

To be had here:
Spiral - Mind Trip in A Minor

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