Sunday, May 3, 2009

Ko & The Knockouts - Ko & The Knockouts (2002)

Ko & The Knockouts were only for the many in the turn of the century garage rock acts to sprout up in Detroit. There are several decent acts that are somewhat like Ko & The Knockouts, nonetheless, I find each has their own particularities that makes them interesting. Perhaps my favorite feature of this band is the singing of Ko Shih, from which the name of the group is derived. The members like many garage explosion were partaking in more than one band, the lead singer of the Sights, Eddie Baranek, playing the guitar in this one. Ultimately this would be the undoing of the group though as Ko took a place with Mick Collin's Dirtbombs which lead to the dissolution of the Ko & the Knockouts. Basically, if you like The Gories I shared a bit ago or the Compulsive Gamblers long before that, you might think about getting this. All that said, I understand it is no epic release, but very pleasing for me.

P.S. I've again lost my regular connection to the internet, so I am doing my fucking best. Moreover, I'm in a very strange state of mind because I bought a Doris Day cassette in Northampton, MA and it has been warping my thoughts via Walkman ever since.

To be had here:
Ko & The Knockouts - Ko & The Knockouts [160 kbps]

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