Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Curtains - Calamity (2006)

Finally the internet is back at my command. So empowering I'm dizzy just typing this. On to the musics then. Although I'm certain this album did its rounds across the internet, I am compelled to share it once again for all those that might have been so unfortunately to as had missed it. Recently I've been unable to help myself upon getting in the car to automatically begin listening Curtains. The opening track "Go Lucky" works wonders for calming my normally elevated tension that comes with operating an automobile. In praise of this track I by no means want to imply it is all there's to this collection of songs, they're all fantastic. The mellow build up and the lovely higher pitched singing make for a very relaxing listen. Of course it is worth noting that the group is made up of members or former members of some excellent bands such as Deerhoof, Natural Dreamers, Open City, and St. Joseph and the Abandoned Food. Additionally with the release of Calamity they moved to the laudable album Asthmatic Kitty.

To be had here:
Curtains - Calamity [192 VBR kbps]

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