Thursday, May 14, 2009


Bablicon is far too obscure band for the talent it could tout. In a loose fashion Bablicon can also be included in the greater Elephant 6 family, if your criteria is basically that members of this played in Elephant 6 bands previously. Griffin Rodriguez aka Blue Hawaii who is member of Icy Demons, David McDonnell aka The Dimisher, and perhaps most famous is Jeremy Barnes aka Marta Tennae now leading A Hawk and A Hacksaw as well as formerly working with The Minders. Musically it Bablicon is quite a stretch from the sugary twee pop that Elephant 6 is associated with, but nothing beyond what these seasoned gentlemen were able to do skillfully. Definitely experimental, when I listen I find myself wondering why the term "free jazz" can't be used for this instead of the bullshit that is currently referring to. All of the trio can play a number of instruments and they accordingly make use of this asset. I'd say it is progressive jazzy post-rock improv stuff if that makes any sense. Some call it avant-pop, but I have never even heard of that damned shit.

To be had here: all @ 128 kbps

In A Different City (1999)

The Orange Tapered Moon (2000)

A Flat Inside a Fog: The Cat That Was a Dog (2001)


  1. one of the best bands - sweet petite, indeed.

  2. a reupload would be so bombdiggity