Friday, April 24, 2009


Marty Anderson's project Okay is creepy, sad, happy, and amazing all at once. He formerly led the post-rock/math rock band Dilute. However, word is that Anderson is shacked up most of the time in his bedroom suffering from Crohn's Disease. As sad as that may be, he's certainly using the time wisely and has produced with the help of friends some premium albums in the last few years. In 2005 he release the twin albums, Low Road and High Road. Accordingly, the former is a bit more down while the latter is more upbeat, both lovely. Anderson sings in an almost childishly nasal voice, which personal I feel makes the surreal sound of his songs much more convincing and strange. These were followed up by the even more superior songs of Huggable Dust. It features what is likely by favorite track by Anderson, "Natural." This is unfortunately followed by his most terrible song, "Hot-Wired" which you should be prepared to skip if you ask me. The lyrics are simple, the music a bit less so yet no Architecture in Helsinki style 9 member melodic confusion. Trust me, you should just listen to Okay.

To be had here:

High Road (2005) [160 kbps]

Low Road (2005) [160 kbps]

Huggable Dust (2008) [192 VBR kbps]


  1. I'm absolutely in love of these records. There's a charming sick and sad essense behind these songs... A twistted Marc Boland.

  2. Crohn's Disease is no cake walk. Hard to believe he could be suffering from that and still produce such terrific music. Many thanks.