Sunday, April 26, 2009

Blanche - If We Can't Trust The Doctors... (2003)

Blanche is an alt-country groups from Detroit. Unusually connected to the garage rock scene that thriving when this album was released Blanche is not likely their contemporaries in the city. Nevertheless, the connection is obvious, as Blanche's headman Dan Miller was formerly know as Goober, the name that he used when he lead his previous group Goober & the Peas. Before Jack White was famous, or even called Jack White for that matter, he played some with Goober & the Peas. Jack "Doc" Gillis as he was then known played not as a guitarist but rather on his original instrument, the drums. However, that isn't particularly important beyond the fact that Blanche and The White Stripes were tour mates, and as such the Stripes did their habitual trick of covering one of their tour mate's songs for a b-side, in this case "Who's to Say." The music of Blanche is certainly far much Americana soaked but far from upbeat, to the degree it is sometimes described as gothic. Brendan Benson (of solo and Raconteurs fame) and Warren Defever (headman of His Name Is Alive) lent their considerable talents to the album. If you're in the mood for something a bit different or quite beautiful sounding I suggest giving Blanche a whirl.

To be had here:
Blanche - If We Can't Trust The Doctors... [192 kbps]


  1. already like amber bottles so thanks for this one

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