Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Sun Dagger - Invisible World (2016)

Another instrumental album, this time from a place a bit more familiar to me. That is to say I have been there several times at least; New Haven, Connecticut. However, if you allow the songs to do their work you'll end up somewhere else completely. Quite psychedelic and pull influence from stoner and space rock Sun Dagger has managed to make remarkably engaging as well as surprisingly unique soundscapes. I've heard a good deal of epic instrumental tracks over the years of writing this blog and having many friends inclined to much such music, but I can't really summon a memory of one that sounds very close to Sun Dagger. There's so many strains of music interwoven it is boggling. At times I feel like I was hearing a funk tune, then it'll be spacey post-rock then to something new, yet all of this done with seamlessly transitioning sounds. Invisible World appears to be a collection of songs recorded at different times over that past few years and are improvised. Making cohesion of this album all the more impressive.

To be had here:
Sun Dagger - Invisible World

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