Friday, December 27, 2013

White Poppy - White Poppy (2013)

Not Not Fun is one of the best record labels in California putting out psychedelic dance music, improvised jams, and off-kilter tunes. It was a stellar year for the label and more than a few of my favorite records from this year were released under their banner. White Poppy may be the strongest new release, and you have probably seen this release pop up on countless yearend Best Of lists.

White Poppy sounds like countless groups recording in their bedrooms on their IMac but with a sense of polish and perfection that is harder to come by. As this project is the brainchild of Crystal Dorval, it is amazing to see how much traction she gets out of the swirling melodies she laces with ethereal vocal stylings. Distant yet fun, and you know that is always worth a listen.

Get it here:
White Poppy - White Poppy (2013)

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