Monday, December 9, 2013

EP Grab Bag vol. 48

More goodness from the month of December that are just now getting the respect they deserve.

Instrumental indie-surf tunes by a kid who is making the best of the DIY esthetic and has put together two pleasing songs you can use to dream about when covered in ice and death.


Fuzzed out garage pop from rainy Portland. I have a slew of 7 inch singles from the 90s that sound just like this. Still good in my estimation.


Sydney has more than kangaroos and guys who look like just fought a gang of crocs, it also has great post-punk like Beast and Flood. At the start of Forever Homes, I got a distinct Pavement feel that quickly faded behind the graceful and prodding baseline and howling vocals. Highly recommended.


If you are going to experiment, it always helps to have some tunes that even the most jaded hipster could dance to. These Brooklyn kids picked up on this lesson, and put together what could best be described as alternative dance punk used to fuck to.


This is some odd shit. Smooth R&B jams sung by a guy who is either completely high and/or drunk and taking a piss on the style, or so committed to his craft that he doesn’t care if he comes off crazy and psychopathic. Being a psychopath myself, I can usually smell one of my kind. More of this type of insanity please.


Because I am in a fucked up mood thanks to Bike Weak, I am not sure if I crave blood or love at the moment. Thankfully, this Swedish band gives me both, and delivers a dark set of songs that look bleak even under a cloudy Gothenburg sky.

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