Friday, January 31, 2014

Passion Pusher - Your A Loser (2013)

Many folks have sat down, drank a liter of scotch, and rocked out lo-fi masterpieces over the ages. Some of my favorite recordings were made on an old shitty boombox that had a built in microphone. I would record over little skits I had taped as a wee demon. Passion Pusher is like a throwback to that era. These proper Edinburgh lads are likely less sauced than the average individual walking the city's streets, but they put their drunken state to good use and laid to tape some fuzzy goodness. Keep drinking my friends.

Get it here:

Passion Pusher - Your A Loser (2013)

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  1. thanks bbz, drink drink drink and then record some terrible noizee. how i roll <3 <3 <3