Wednesday, January 22, 2014

EP Grab Bag vol. 49

Chelsea Wolfe - Pain is Beauty (2013)

When you are a dark lord like myself, you often require minions to carry out nefarious plans. Yet, minions provide little in the way of conversation and companionship, and thus a black queen is required. Chelsea Wolfe would be an ideal ruler of my evil domain in hell, and her 2013 is one of the best "pop" records I have heard in some time. "We Hit a Wall" showcases her haunting vocals as a cold beat lurches the track towards its ominous end. Even if she were to reject my advances, a shrine will be built to her visage in Hell.

Yosa Buson and Travel by Train - Izarra (2013)

My label-mates have crafted another fine set of drone and dark-synth inspired jams that were played while I tortured a few pirates from the 18th century.  Pirates from that era have a real aversion to experimental music, and my master on high wanted to send a message to all the miscreants on the open sea.

Atu - Pictures on Silence (2013)

Hip Hop is a new thing in your world, so we have only started to recruit members of the community into Hell's fold. Little do most humans know, but simply owning a Rap record is enough to get you a meeting with a dark lord once you have bitten the dust. I think we will make an exception for Atu. This is clean, bouncy Hip-Hop that is just odd enough to make it out of place at a high school dance party. Beautiful and enchanting beats that show what a producer can do when not confined to the whims and ego of a popstar.

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