Thursday, August 22, 2013

Little Big League - ST 7 Inch (2013)

You know you are old when you see a style of music come, go, come back, fall out of fashion, and re-surge yet again. Granted, this is not my first life on this earth, but that is beside the point. Now that Emo has gone through its “hair metal” phase, the best parts of the genre have bubbled out of the underground yet again.  Case in point: Little Big League from Philadelphia.

Simple guitar arrangements are used, but it’s the restraint on the vocal end that really makes this a great little 7 inch. Michelle Zauner I not new to the party, and has performed with some other notable acts like Post Post, and puts just enough poetic flair and angst into these tracks, allowing the group to avoid the trappings of other notable Emo acts. 

Tiny Engines is putting this one out, and they have been especially strong with their release schedule as of late. Grab a copy of this before they are all stored away and cherished in adolescent record collections across the country. 

Get it here:

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