Wednesday, August 21, 2013

EP Grab Bag vol. 38

Another mountain of submissions. Here are some I blasted in my car more than once.

Straight forward, infectious garage rock from Australia is what this is. I could see my band putting out a split record with music this fun and unpretentious. “Tune for the One Armed Man” is may favorite snarled track from this short cassette, demonstrating that these kids know that infectious garage rock requires but a few minutes to capture an imagination. 

Beer is a prerequisite to most music in my world. Everything sounds better once I have thrown a few cold ones back. The fact that not one decided to call their band beer before this Ohio group is shocking even to someone as old as I. This set is lo-fi but very clean sounding, with a hazy surf feel without any Brian Wilson harmonies to complicate things. JUST FUCKIN’ FUN.

I remember reading an interview with Ian MacKaye from Minor Threat and Fugazi, and he recounted a meeting he had with Bad Brains. His band at the time (Teen Idles), was complaining that they couldn’t sound good with the gear they had. Bad Brains picked up the same set of instruments and rocked harder than Ian had ever heard. He knew that the quality of your gear was bullshit, and that great tunes could be made with the crappiest of equipment. The Crytearions are blown out riff rawk to the max; no studio time here folks. Catchy tracks that are fuzzy as hell? Well, that is a recipe for quality in my book. 

The name is a mouthful, but it is more tight psychedelic experiments from California’s Yosa Buson and whoever he happened to pull together to make this recorded. I have a soft spot for any freak out session recorded straight to tape with no alterations in the process, and these kids put together some very fine tracks that may have taken me to hell and back.

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