Thursday, October 18, 2012

Zany Zongas - Intercession (2012)

This is a tape I was sent like, well, prolly two months ago. My bad for sitting on it so long, as I really do appreciate anyone taking the time to mail me a physical copy of their work. Apologies aside, this is the second time I'm writing up the Zany Zongas (those guys at Old Monster Records must be fond of me). Like North Park, this release is an experimental drone/psychedelic experience to which one is easily absorbed. The tracks are all rather lengthy at about 5 to 8 minutes a piece. Thusly even at only four songs it is as long as a regular album. Moreover, because of the length they get to really take the listener on a sonic journey in a very progressive rock sorta way. As usual I was reading something during my first listen, namely Kafka's diaries, and it really made me bug out a bit. Anyhow, Intercession is a fine follow-up to North Park and it is still available on tape if you're nerdy about that like me.

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