Thursday, October 18, 2012

Resuming Posting/Invitation for New Posters

As you've most likely noticed I took a hiatus from the blog from a month. It was beginning to feel for more like a chore than an enjoyable hobby after four years of writing essentially the same topic, especially now that it's so much harder for me to have the freedom to post most anything I fancied as the hosting sites have become cowed by federal legislation. Begin able to subject the readership to my esoteric and arbitrary tastes was a large part of the fun of writing Spacerockmountain. Now that the site is  de facto legit, as it everything for months has been submitted material or otherwise free by the artists' choice, I haven't the same content control any longer. However, I don't wish for the blog to disappear or lay dormant for long periods until I get an itch to write, so I've mulled over my options I have a possible plan.

I am gonna try a biweekly posting schedule. Basically I've got only Thursdays and Sundays off from work, and my schedule at work is a steady one with regular hours for the first time in my life so I should be able to plan around it accordingly. This is a blessing and a curse naturally, as it does mean I'll be able to allot time to listen to submitted albums, but not at the rate I did so when I was unemployed or working parttime while in college. Therefore I'll need to be more selective. So not everything will get posted up, but I am debating a way to throw up link on a list somewhere for those that want to consume everything or explore on their own.

Finally, I have had other people write on the blog in the past, to which I am thankful to each of them for taking time to add on to what's a no-pay passion project of mine. Naturally enough they haven't much reason to keep it up so they peter out sooner or later, yet the blog in infinitely superior with voices beyond my own. So a proposal, if you sitting on your ass trolling music blogs or if you're friends with a bunch of musicians you wanna shill, perhaps you might post here yourself? To put it simply, contact me if you want to write on the blog, if you got your own stuff you wanna write then just show me what you've jotted down and I'll most likely let you post it here. Otherwise, if you wanna try the crazy crapshoot method I use, I can sent you some submitted material you can try for reviewing. Doesn't pay shit but it can be exciting and you potentially get to promote something you really like, possibly that you'd never have heard of in any other route.

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