Monday, March 9, 2009

White Noise - An Electric Storm (1969)

I hope this album is more widely known than I suspect it is. Truly it is an amazing adventure into early electronic music, and interestingly enough it came has its origins in the even back then well- established BBC. Some of the more pioneering employees developed White Noise, building on the previous successes and projects they'd participated in. Unlike other early electronic like musique concrete and thermin songs, these tracks have lasting and potentially very popular appeal. Don't get me wrong, I love musique concrete, but I fully understand that no big hits can be spawned by that genre's absurd sounds. An Electronic Storm on the other hand, now strange it may be, but catchy and accessible. Musically it is bizarre, and often repeated gimmicks are to be found all over the place. I mean, they tried to make it strange, and to an extent that is a success, if you haven't spent too many years listening to Japanese harsh noise or Os Mutantes albums endlessly. Even if those are the case, it is very pleasing to the ear and should be respected. Damn it, respect it or I'll like destroy your home with heat vision or whatever power I have.

To be had here:
White Noise - An Electric Storm [192 kbps]


  1. i'm really glad you posted this, it feels like i've been waiting for it my whole life.

  2. I knew about the album, but I don't know if it's widely known as you might think. Thank you for posting it! JH

  3. thanks for this! do you have any other radiophonic workshop stuff? I'm lookin' for the john baker tapes, and the newish comp that came out on Rough Trade (i think).