Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Spacemen 3 - Playing With Fire (1989)

First, and apology as to the infrequency of posts as of late. The main issue preventing this is that I'm currently on vacation in New England. Let me tell you, to those who haven't been to Boston before, it is clean, really clean. I think that is what I say about almost everywhere since I'm used to the filth of Detroit. Boy howdy though, I've destroyed my legs and my pathetic wallet over these last few days, so from now on it is the frugal traveller game. If you're from New England say hello, I've already seen Boston (North and South), Cambridge, Boston College, and I'm planning on seeing Northampton, somewhere in Connecticut, and return to Providence before departing back to shitty Michigan. Oh well, at least Detroit is a place I can afford to live in.
Now the music, this is premium shit, folks. Spacemen 3 were one of the best things that the 80s was able to spawn. Absolutely amazing psychedelic rock and roll which hailed the ultimate destruction of the band, although the musicians would carry on with other notable projects. Make sure to pay attention for the spectacular track "Revolution" as well as the epic "Suicide." In a crazy move there is both a studio and a live cut on the album of the latter. I feel like I could be preaching to the choir with this post, as I feel I might have been with several of my recent posts but they're golden shit. Moreover, beloved Brosef Stalin (formerly know danger dog) has given you much in the way of fantastic sounds lately, please do take advantage of his huge posts.

To be had here:
Spacemen 3 - Playing With Fire [160 kbps]

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