Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Evasive Backflip - EP #1

These kids sent us a video not too long ago showcasing just how strong this group could be live in the studio. As it was not accompanied with a proper release, I simply watched and enjoyed it and then went on to further submissions. Well, they got their act together and have put out their first EP, and it is a massive 5 song set.  I am surprised how short this release is when it is clocked, because as I was listening to it, the tracks crammed in so many good ideas it felt like they were running through every decent chord progression they were familiar with. The band is from Chicago, and they have clearly learned from their city’s rich musical terrain. If Touch and Go Records doesn’t pick these guys up, it will be their loss. Too many bands that fall into this highly-technical side of rock often forget that music should be fun; a mindset Evasive Backflip has not succumbed to. Recommended as a substitute for a videogame's boring soundtrack or a dance party with your cat.

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