Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Blind Shake - Carmel (2007)

I haven't posted anything here in a minute, been pretty busy with work, school, and mixing the next batch of recordings my band has been working on. Finally had a free night so I figured I would share another record. The Blind Shake are from Minneapolis, Minnesota, a town which has already had its share of great bands throughout the years and they are keeping that tradition going. Their sound is a nice mix of punk, surf rock, psychedelic/noise, and perhaps some garage. "Blue Step" has a solid Fugazi vibe, especially with the vocals, while "St. Paul Creamery" starts out with a twangy surf guitar riff and is quickly joined by a fuzzed out wah-wah pedal. My favorite track at the moment is "Wexford Scramble" which combines all of the aforementioned styles in just a little over two minutes. This record comes highly recommended, but to truly experience this band is to see them live. They put on an AMAZING and energy filled show. They are also one of the heaviest sounding bands I've ever heard which is funny because they have no bass player. Just drums, guitar, and baritone guitar in place of a bass.

Check it out:
The Blind Shake - Carmel (2007)

Also, check out their Myspace to see when they will be in your town next.

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