Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Bröselmaschine - Bröselmaschine (1971)

This is another album I got off of Lost-in-Tyme that I found wonderful. Very different from the Les Napoleons album, in fact completely different. Bröselmaschine was a German band, hailing from an era of some fantastic music generally referred to as Krautrock. However, Bröselmaschine was a bit of a variation on this theme, being what can be called Krautfolk. What is for sure is that they made a brilliant album here that is far underrated in my opinion. Something I normally don't point out is that I love this album's cover, it makes me think of something almost exactly like the music created in my mind when I first heard it. After I got over the fact that German wizards read my future thoughts before my birth I thought it was neat. The music is great too, trust me, it has Eastern and psychedelic blended into there sweet folk makings.

To be had here:
Bröselmaschine - Bröselmaschine [320 kbps]


  1. listen to this music stoned :-)
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  2. This is a must have for any folk-rock lover or any Krautrock lover. The term Krautfolk pretty much sums it up. I loved this entire album upon first listen. One more for the lengthy underrated/underknown list.