Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Josef K - The Only Fun In Town (1981, Postcard Records)

Ah yes, Josef K. My first experience with these Scottish post-punk funk masters was several years ago when I was exposed to the 2004 One, Two, Twee: An Indie pop Retrospective compilation, in which the single version of the band's seminal hit Sorry For Laughing appeared. It wasn't until I listened to their fellow Postcard Records label mates, Orange Juice, that I acquired an actual interest in them.

Anyways, formed in the early 1980's, Josef K created a unique sound that combined funk, new wave, and disco, while retaining a sort of post-punk dignity.

Download: Josef K - Sorry For (38.4 MB)


  1. This is actually the album Sorry For Laughing by Josef K, which was recorded before The Only Fun In Town but never had an official release.

  2. great record! great blog! :)