Saturday, July 12, 2008

These Are Powers

These Are Powers is interestingly pioneering in how they approach their experimental sound. Heavy on improvisation and repetition alike they can be noticeably descending from bands like Hella and Black Dice, but unlike either there is the present of what are unmistakably punk, yet high pitched, vocals. These Are Powers are part of the newer wave of noise rocking bands to emerge, but like many others of this generation of groups it has members that aren't new to the genre. All three of the individuals that make up These Are Powers have been, or still are, engaged in other bands. Anna Barie, the vocalist and guitarist, is in both Knife Skills and Fxxxing Lion. Bill Salas has drummed in Brenmar and perhaps the most recognizable concurrent bands are of the bassist Pat Noecker, who's a member of n0 things in addition to Liars. This type of busy young persons has taken it upon themselves to push the genre beyond the no wave of the 80s, 90s and begin of the century, indeed These Are Powers deems themselves something called ghost punk. Although, it is for time to tell whether this new subgenre name will have any sway. Personally, I am quite excited by both the growth in notable new groups by the collaboration of established noise musicans as well as the more or less completely new bands like Tera Melos and Health. The shared files today are two EPs by These Are Powers as well as their full-length Terrific Seasons.

To be had here:
These Are Powers (2006) @ 192 kbps [can't find album art]

Terrific Seasons (2007) @ 224 VBR kbps

Taro Tarot (2008) @ 128 kbps

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