Thursday, July 3, 2008

Eux Autres - Hell Is Eux Autres (2004)

Eux Autres is simply put, cute indie pop. The band is the duo of Nicholas and Heather Larimer, who are brother and sister. Their name is means "them others" in French and admirably, they sing songs in French, albeit not masterfully. Hell Is Eux Autres is the first of two currently released albums. Tallying only nine short tracks, the album is brief but so very sweet. Both siblings take turns on singing the songs and are equally effective in results. Better yet, on some tracks including the opener "Ecoutez Bien!" they sing together. Eux Autres can come off as twee, but Nicholas' brash guitar strokes free it from being pigeonholed too easily. Amongst my favorite numbers is the English-sung "Partick Nil" which features excellent harmonies between the two, as well as uncomplicated drumming and guitar playing. However, "Le Project Citron" made me stop and try to understand what they were telling me before I decided that it isn't for me to comprehend, rather there for enjoyment. If I keep after it I might be able to post their newer album later this month, but the blasted holiday here as kept me working additional, tiring hours. Do give them a listen, for the music like this is part of why I tried to move to Portland (where they're based), but I've failed to escape Michigan's iron grip yet.

To be had here (192 kbps):
Eux Autres - Hell Is Eux Autres

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  1. This album is just so amazing and sweet. So is this blog btw.
    If you have time, do post that newer album. Would really love to hear that!