Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Tera Melos

The sound of Tera Melos is hard to define outside of experimental, which I'll willingly admit doesn't tell very much. They shift from math rock angular sounds, extremely brash and thundering noise rock, and seemingly calmer post-rock sometimes all within a single song. Overall, very energetic and provoking, the music they make doesn't as a freshness that should be well respected by listeners of any of the before mentioned genres. The young men that make up Tera Melos are based in Roseville, California and are signed to the suitably experimental driven label, Sargent House. Several members had involvement with hardcore bands prior to the creation of Tera Melos. To date they've released two full-lengths along with an early demo that can be found without too much difficulty. Luckily if you haven't got any of them, I'm sharing them all today. There is a split with By the End of Tonight but I didn't get to uploading that yet. The songs are instrumental and the self-titled album doesn't even have true song titles, just Melody 1 through 8. Drugs To The Dear Youth is the newest album, and its songs are generally shorter but no less enjoyable. Basically, this is one group I can never call boring and it is hard to imagine ever tiring of.

To be had here:
Demo (2004) @128 kbps [Can't find album art]

Tera Melos (2005) @ 256 VBR kbps

Drugs To The Dear Youth (2007) @ 192 kbps

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