Sunday, July 6, 2008

Snoopdroop - Artificial Flavor (2005)

Hailing from San Jose, Snoopdrop is lone man's 8-bit challenge to the world. Artificial Flavor is has only 21 minutes of play time, thus making it more of an EP than a true album in my eyes, but it has much packed into those minutes. The tracks are made up of mainly gameboy sounds, which makes the album utterly chiptune. The mind behind Snoopdrop makes his wit and style apperant with his use of some very neat song titles like "Master Mango is in Trouble" and "Banana Split Havoc Gang." Moreover, I admire his use of what I remind me of runts fruit candies for the album art. Fruity candy is an excellent parallel in the food world to what chiptune is in the musical one. Artificial Flavor is abrasive, but in an attention-grabbing fashion opposed to an unlikable racket. Very quick, exciting and pretty in its own way I find it fun to play the album as soon as I wake up sometimes to wake myself up.

To be had here (192 kbps):
Snoopdroop - Artificial Flavor

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