Friday, July 11, 2008

Death By Chocolate - Death By Chocolate (2001)

Quirky to an extreme, Death By Chocolate created some strange sounding indie pop songs. Formed by way of contacts made between a set of young British musicians and the twee pop label owner Mike Always, Death By Chocolate is stereotypical of what the genre offers. The inspirations for the cute sounds they make are equally sunshine pop and children films. This self-titled album was the first full-length of two to have been released. The overwhelmingly upbeat and joyous melodies of the music is given an interesting twist by virtue that much of the lyrics are in fact comical and often nonsensical poems recited by the young Angela Faye Tillett in a very strong English accent. Even this, however, is not something unique to Death By Chocolate, as they were slightly preceded by Lollipop Train's year 2000 album, Junior Electric Magazine, and shared 2001 with Play Power by David Candy (a pseudonym of Ian Svenonius [Nation of Ulysses, Make-Up, and Cupid Car Club]). Oddly enough, all have in common the thick British accents and much adoration for food, especially sweets. I find that if you spend an entire evening listening to music of this sytle you'll feel really disconnected from reality not in the best way. Nevertheless, just like the sweets they covet, if listened to in moderation they are quite pleasurable.

To be had here (160 kbps):
Death By Chocolate - Death By Chocolate


  1. thanks so much for posting this, had this on vinyl for years and have been looking for it in mp3, be great in you could upload their other album :)
    blog looks great, i'll be coming back here, you should check mine out, we seem to cross paths

  2. Of course I can post that album. Additionally, I might as well put up the David Candy, which if you like Death by Chocolate should be enjoyable (assuming you haven't got it already). Your blog looked nice, I added it to my blogroll and thanks for the comment.

  3. Thanks for this post and the Lollipop Train one! :)