Thursday, April 21, 2011

Wedding Singer - Honeymoon Suite EP (2011)

Wedding Singer is a strange electronic project of a musician that was previously released as Younger Colours and as part of the duo JL Seagull. Honeymoon Suite is a free EP from CF Records, a label I've been getting pretty enamored with lately. They've released some good bands that I've posted already like Lucky Dragons, Girls Names and Cloud Nothings. As for this particular EP, the artist admits to the inspiration of Ariel Pink and the art suggests, it does have a sleazy, dance floor vibe like one might expect at an 80s wedding. For all that it is remarkably smooth and I was able to relisten to it several times over immediately. I hope to get more stuff from CF Records up, but depends on what I find.

To be had here:
Wedding Singer - Honeymoon Suite EP

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