Friday, April 29, 2011

Bearsuit - The Phantom Forest (2011)

New Bearsuit caught my attention easily enough. I do some of their earlier albums with fondness, and The Phantom Forest is a fine addition to their discography. Like other releases this album infuses several genres and influences together to make something that can sway from twee to dance punk and back again. Tracks like "When Will I Be Queen?" and "Giant Archaeopteryx" could pass as new releases from bands like the Knife or Cansei de Ser Sexy. However, "Kwaa-Kwaa" and "Albino Tiger Rescue Squad" are thoroughly indie pop. Basically, they mix it up and part of what makes Bearsuit appealing to me is their ability to blend these different styles into an overall coherent and entertaining album. Another reason to sit and listen to whole albums, if I haven't harped on that too much.

To be had here:
Bearsuit - The Phantom Forest [320 kbps]

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