Saturday, March 9, 2013

Romero - Take the Potion (2013)

Now, this is some awesome stuff. Huge, Black Sabbath inspired riffs with sludgy, weed hazed head-banging passion, and you have the new release from Romero. For a 3 piece, these guys have a subterranean, layered sound that’s comfortable enough with itself to take from Prog when the opportunity arises. I can’t help but feel this group is the evil doppelganger to Merlin’s Magic Music Box, a group I wrote about here some time ago.

The title track from the record is still ringing in my head, and you can download it for free or buy one of those vinyl record thingies. Let’s hope they go out on the road and hit up the West Coast this coming summer.

Get this bad boy here:
Romero - Take the Potion (2013)

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