Sunday, January 20, 2013

Merlin's Magic Music Box (2012)

I have never had the good fortune of experiencing the New Hampshire and Vermont music scenes in person. I imagine they all live in barn-like communes, sipping mushroom tea, all while crafting psychedelic music just outside the realm of social respectability. All the stuff I have picked up from the region only reinforces these preconceived notions. Chances are, everyone is on meth like they are here in rural California.

Merlin’s Magic Music Box might as well be a trunk full of drugs, because you will be going on a trip when you pop this bad boy into your music player. I picked it up on tape when it was released by Burger Records a few months ago, but the band was nice enough to have a digital download available for free. This is psychedelic riff-rawk perfected. All six tracks on this album are the perfect embodiment of what a jam band should sound like. There is little in the way of filler, as the listeners ears are pushed towards the guitar riffs that scream above the sonic, rhythmic residue below.

Sit back, smoke a blunt, eat some mushrooms, and let this shit take you away.

Get it here:
Merlin's Magic Music Box (2012)

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