Thursday, March 14, 2013

Monocle - Chances Glide (2013)

Dream Pop is an odd thing. Why would anyone want to perpetuate the idea that their music initiates sleep? I enjoy a few ZZZs, but I generally don’t like my music to produce that desired effect.

Thankfully, Monocle is far from a sleep narcotic. Released by the always awesome Australian label Hidden Shoal, the band chases sweeping synth lines with dance centered bass and vocal melodies. This may be Dream Pop, but it would fit well into any party that reaches the 23rd hour and exposes the emotional passion only the evening hours pooled with alcohol can construct. “Chances Glide” only needs a moment’s glance to recognize its pop authenticity, and with that, a simple three minute musical bliss.

Get it here: Monocle - Chances Glide (2013)

1 comment:

  1. Love the bass; the song itself is fun and very kitsch, i can't say if it's a good thing or not.
    Reminds me of Ariel Pink.