Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Shape Breaker - Eyes Wide (2013)

I have been getting a glut of remarkable garage rock as of late. Not that I am complaining, mind you. If I am going to get a glut of anything, sweet garage rock riffs will never go unappreciated. 

Shape Breaker hail from Philadelphia, and started as a solo project but eventually grew into a full band. Their new record is called Eyes Wide, and it is a champ from the incredible opening track (Climb Down) to the mid tempo closer (So It Goes). I can’t think of a single track on this album that is not toe-tappin, riff heavy awesomeness. Lord knows what the vocals are, and who really gives a damn? He could be singing the instructions to his DVD player for all I care. It still sounds great. 

If Climb Down doesn’t end up as a theme song to a show on FX, it will be the station’s loss. 

Get it here:

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