Sunday, August 26, 2012

Jackie - Greatest Love Songs (2012)

This is another Swedish band that's massively impressed me (you might recall the other Swedish act, Be Alright from a recent Grab Bag). As usual for things I adore, Jackie makes lo-fi rock music, and they managed to be particularly delightful with a how sweet yet washed out sound. I must've listened to this album a dozen times in the last three days, and I've been eager to post it up but I just got a new computer and I got a bit pre-occupied with setting it up the way that makes me feel all cosy. Now with my obligatory excuses for my laxness in posting out of the way, I can can tell you that these guys do the whole simple, fuzzed out rock thing with the most excellent of skill. Literally the first 40-second long track'll had me swooning. The singing is suitably distorted and blends right into the thumping drums and bass and jangling guitars that come together to basically be a wall-of-sound. Perhaps what I like even more is that although I have heard it quite a few times now, I still haven't a fucking clue what he's singing about, and it is in what's technically English. Some of the songs are absolute gold though, and I recommend "Graveyard" and "Snowdiver Down" as examples. Everyone that's been in the room as I put it on seemed to agree if that means shit, so get after it.

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  1. Nice! the sound is a bit to blurry ; they have some really good melodies and it's frustrating to hear them muffled.