Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Coyotes in the Room - Love Stuff Cheap Smokes (2012)

Every time these Indianian fellas send me in an album, and that's quite frequently as they've been pumping out these babies multiple times a year, I sit down to listen without quite being sure what'll hear yet in possession of strong confidence it'll be mighty fine. If you're unfamiliar with Coyotes in the Room, which would be awfully surprising for a regular reader of this blog as they're easily most commonly legally posted band, the group makes genre-crossing lo-fi ranging from ethereal folk to noisy rock to washed out covers of classic songs. Having mentioned the covers I can't restrain myself from applauding their selection of Mississippi John Hurt's "Nobody's Dirty Business" this time, a song that hold a special spot in my heart and I can't stand to go more than a week without hearing. However, this isn't the whole album naturally, and hardly the only song that caught my ear. The title track is a particularly well done folk/rock tune, "Queen of the Bus Stop" is a dreamy sounding lo-fi pop number, and "Hubba Hubba" has those screeching guitars I adore so very much. I've said before that I want these guys to keep it up and this album only reinforces that sediment.

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