Friday, August 10, 2012

EP Grab Bag vol. 22

Got a fuck ton of EPs lately so I feel I'm gonna be rolling out Grab Bags like a madman for a bit, but I have gotten some real good tapes lately, just need to sit down with them another time to write them up, so look forward to that, or not, whatever.

To be had here:
Horrible Houses - Be Alright (2012)

Now if only from this EP alone I felt I had to do another EP Grab Bag. Also helps I've been sent like 90% EP submissions in the last month. However, this is a Swedish project (I believe) that makes some of the most charming lo-fi rock I've heard in a good deal. Got a lighthearted tone that in equal parts reminds me of early psych and garage rock as it does 80s/90s lo-fi pop. Really wonderful and most highly recommended. Here's their soundcloud and the main link's to the EP I was sent via mediafire.

Minaret - Black Tower (2012)

This is a five track album/EP (sorta mingles in the middle) of psychedelic drone. Does have vocals, which are rather good, but still does that instrumental mesmerizing that's ever so sweet about drone/post-rock. Some pretty solid epic tracks are included especially the closing song, "Enemy of the Stars," which is easily my favorite off the release.

Planet Magic Man - GROO EP (2012)

Finally, as I am sitting outside the closed library snagging this wifi and the rains beginning to fall I'll end this Grab Bag with this third excellent EP from a Los Angles-based "folktronic" group. Now I've got nothing against that term, but I think they're a bit more jangling pop music than folk-anything. Nonethelss, there are for stellar tracks that'll sink right into your brain and leave you hankering for several re-listenings.


  1. Good calls here, really. Did you catch that Can sample in the middle of the Horrible Houses EP? Made me smile.

  2. Love your mini reviews.. I'm not really a music review reader in general, but these are really helpful, bite size pieces :)

    My favourite Minaret track is 'Another Place'. Love that meandering feel to it.