Saturday, September 8, 2012

Wolfgang strutz. - Wolfgang sings, Hymns. (2012)

This came in telling me nothing more than it was a redoing of church hymnals in a lo-fi freak folk style, which the submitter said reminded him of "the singing flowers in Disney's Alice in Wonderland!" Well, that is a mouthful to grasp on its own, it sent my mind spiraling off into all sorts of tangets. Most notable of them is my boss at the bookstore I'm now employed at in Detroit where I've a boss that's a self-described holy roller that doesn't preach. What she does do is walk about the shop humming gospels and saying the sole lyric "Jesus" every few seconds. Needless to say it is distractingly strange practice. Moreover, makes me wonder very much if she's ever learned any other words to the song. Now people do odd things, but I've a hard time imagining this is really kosher even in the conservative parts of the midwest, right? To each their own though.
So basically, this is everything that my boss's gospel performance isn't is the best way. It is charmingly warm and sweet while still maintain enough of the songs to be nostalgic. And holy shit is it right to bring up this crazy flowers from Alice's adventure, for it does seem like Disney's big dick would have been all up in these vocals, yet maybe not so in the finely done instrumentation. For real though, the reinterpretation of these songs is so fantastically done it has resulted in a solid half-dozen consecutive listenings on my part, esepcially loving the versions of "Nobody Know the Trouble I've Seen,""Swing Low, Sweet Chariot" and "Morning Has Broken." So I apologize for my vulgar manner of speaking, but I immediately told my old buddy Bebop, "put down your dick and look up to the sky, I got something to listen to."

To be had here:
Wolfgang strutz. - Wolfgang sings, Hymns.

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