Thursday, May 19, 2011

Sunnyland Slim - Slim's Shout (1969 [1993])

On the eve of my departure I was talking to an old pal from the p2p sharing days. He was talking about how he is stuck on folk and blues music. All it take is a mentioning of the blues to implant a desire to hear some immediately. Anyhow, I was spouting off bluesmen to him and that got me to Sunnyland Slim. I've had this record since I got a driver's license and have always enjoyed going back to give it a listen. Sunnyland Slim isn't like much of the other blues I've posted on Spacerockmountain or normally listen to, as in it isn't guitar-based. Rather it is piano blues, accented with drums, organ and horns. The highlight of any and every song by Slim is his soulful singing. About half the album are songs he wrote or co-wrote and others famed numbers covered with terrific skill. As for Slim himself, he sported some fine blues credentials. He moved to Chicago in 1939, played with Sonny Boy Williamson, hung with Muddy Waters and all that shit. His version of "Shake It" never fails to provide me with cheer, and his song "The Devil Is A Busy Man" makes me wish I could've been old enough to see him play it. So this album goes out to Rod, he most likely won't read this post, but he's a grand fella nonetheless.

To be had here:
Sunnyland Slim - Slim's Shout [160 kbps]

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