Wednesday, May 25, 2011


I've come home to my dirty-ass, auto-centric state from the gloriously beautiful lands of central Europe. This trip is why I haven't taken any submissions nor fixed any downed links until today. Moreover, due to my jetlag that has me sleeping each time I sit down for too long, we'll see when my attempts at daily posting gets going anew. However, I must recommend a trip to central Europe to any and all, the place is damned fantastic and most of it is cheap. However, a man likely shouldn't live on beer, pork and Viennese coffee for nearly three weeks so my insides are in a massive protest that is only enhancing my travel fatigue. When a half liter of Czech beer can be had in a Prague corner store for as low as 75 cents there is no good excuse to come home without an accumulated hangover. Hope to have something up soon, there is a stack of submissions in my e-mail inbox and three weeks of label releases to sort through. Take care pilgrims.

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