Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Echo Lake - Young Silence EP (2011)

Dream pop with a shoegaze vibe if I've ever heard it. That is a good thing in my book though, dream pop can be some lovely sounds and this band has done a rather good job at achieving that. Echo Lake is an apt name for a band that employs echoed vocals effects so liberally. The whole EP is rather ethereal but far from sleep inducing. Excellent for my antihistamine-addled mind. This EP was released through No Pain In Pop, which also has worked with HEALTH, Banjo Or Freakout, and A Grave With No Name. All bands I considered posting at some point but got lost in the mix. The vinyl press is seemingly sold out, which is a real bummer. They'll just have to come out with a full-length for slowpokes like me.

To be had here:
Echo Lake - Young Silence EP [320 kbps]

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