Friday, May 13, 2011

The North Sea - Bloodlines (2010)

The North Sea is a band I know I should've posted earlier. Been enjoying their noisy, ambient/drone for a few years now. Time to remedy this oversight with their latest full-length album, Bloodlines. Like all of the North Sea's work, it is a rather gloomy and morose affair on the surface. Deep listening is rewarding, as commonly is the case with ambient-like music. To lose yourself in the noises is like taking a jaunt in a creepily pretty forest. I will admit that I am glad I have a chair to rest in while enjoying it though, and it likely isn't a good sound to drive to. Throw a substance into yourself or merely dim the lights see what this shit does for you.

To be had here:
The North Sea - Bloodlines [320 kbps]

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