Friday, May 14, 2010

Fe Fi Fo Fums - Shake All Night (2006)

This is purely a self-indulgence. I love some lo-fi garage rock, or budget rock as I've heard it called, from time to time. A fella I used to converse with regularly on the internet gave me the heads of on this group a few years back. It is some prototypical garage rock/punk in the same vein as Oblivians or The Gories, more or less unchanged. Hell, even those of you not that seeped in garage rock history might find it familiar sounding, as the lead singer doesn't sound that far off from Howlin' Pete of The Hives (and I find it hard to believe you don't remember that jazz at all). One can never be overly sure when speculating about the thoughts of another, but I gather that in the garage rock and surf rock scenes there isn't an expectation of stardom and it is done out of a desire to make sounds in this style (my evidence: track seven - "Fuck New Wave"). For really, outside of that blip of mainstream adoration of The White Stripes ushered in early on in the previous decade, garage rock bands just make their shit and are largely never heard by anyone outside of the core fandom. It is too bad, this stuff is a whole lot better than that ska shit kids liked when I was in middle school.

To be had here:
Fe Fi Fo Fums - Shake All Night [192 VBR kbps]

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