Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Florida=Death - Post Information (2013)

Besides having a very awesome name, Florida=Death is a experimental music project from New Haven, Connecticut. The general feeling I got from the album was something between an existential crisis and watching art films while on sedatives, which really could be the same thing. The songs are a combination of electronically created effects and rhythms (or un-rhythmic sounds), spoken word and music samples, and ambient noise. How chaotic this comes off varies throughout the album, with it getting pretty bizarre at times. However, there are some calmer and more conventional sorts of tracks with even some having singing in the usual sense. Together this provides the album with a fine balancing act of tension and release but basically demands that it be heard in entirety or at least several songs in a row to begin to understand what Florida=Death is really like. I took the plunge, in fact I have taken several times over, listening to the whole album and each time it seems to show a bit more and get more interesting from it. Finally, they're put out by the very nifty Connecticut-based label Obscure Me Records, the same folks that released J. Chance and, with Double Pony Records, Spectral Fangs.

To be had here:
Florida=Death - Post Information

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