Saturday, February 15, 2014

Valerinne - Arborescent (2013)

I'm still on that post-rock jam, though I do feel a shift coming soon. Nevertheless for today I've got a good old dark and heavy sort of post-rock/post-metal album for you to give a whirl. Hailing for Romania, also know as one of the 'vampire countries' according to Jesse Thorn, Valerinne has got a sound that touches up on ambient at times only to vacillate all the way to guitar-filled metal soundscapes. It is rather hypnotic should one devote enough attention toward the music, especially when they utilize a healthy amount of reverb on the droning guitar. I've always been a fan of the longer tracks when it comes to instrumental post-rock and on that measure Valerinne delivers as well, with this album having only five songs with four exceeding eleven minutes. Really allows one to become immersed and enjoy the subtlety of the transitions. While it can be heard on bandcamp for free, to get the mp3s it's €5, or whatever the shit that is in dollars these days. If you're looking for fresh post-rock then this is a good option.

To be had here:
Valerinne - Arborescent

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